empty caps into T-gel?

  1. Question empty caps into T-gel?

    one of my bros has about 16 or 17 grams of 4AD that he capped himself at about the same time i did mine. he said that he doesn't want them and wanted to sell em to me for a few drinks at the bar,etc.....lol.

    anyhow, they're about 1 and 1/2 month's old at least--they've been in caps for about a month.

    as i was going to run a T-gel cycle w/ 4AD, but couldnt due to some issues, i still have a full unopened bottle.

    i need to know what u guys think as to if it would be alright and empty the caps into some T-gel. are they too old? too much exposure? they have been just sitting in his house in a sealed container--un refridgerated.

    any help? --thx.

  2. They should b ok as long as they were sealed from moisture/air, Only put about 12 grams of 4ad into the gel, this is the most 4AD i have ever been able to disolve fully, 1test disolves fine at 15grams but for some reason 4ad dosn't.

  3. hey thx bro. ur help is much appreciatted.

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