First cycle: hdrol or anavar?

  1. First cycle: hdrol or anavar?

    Hi there. I am currently using E-form, and its working well (great Alpha male mentality, look a little leaner), however i feel i may want something 'stronger'

    I am 21, been lifting for 4 years, weigh in at 220lb, ~18% bodyfat, 6 foot tall

    I am prone to MPB and want to keep the rest of my hair. I will use nizoral whilst on cycle.

    It's either a 4 week h-drol cycle (50mg), or a 8 week 'var cycle (50mg).

    I will be lean bulking, so around 500-700 cal above maintanance.

    I have a few questions:

    1: Which has the most sides (esp. hairloss)?
    2: Which has more permanent gains?
    3: Which 'should' cause less shut down
    4: Gains of around 10-14lb with h-drol seem to be normal for newbies, what can i expect to gain with 'var?

    My PCT will consist of a SERM, AI and a cortisol product

    Thankyou in advance

  2. var is great because wat u see is what u get it also has the amazing afinity to burn body fat and dhramatically increase strength. the gains are very easily maitained and it is light in terms of most AAS side effects. it is unfortunatly normally expensive and there is a need for at least 50 mg a day

  3. So considering the two cycles, am i correct to assume that hdrol would give me more mass than anavar, but anavar would give me more strength?

    hdrol is closely related to tbol, which has a androgenic rating of 6. Anavar's is 23 IIRC. Does this mean that i would get less 'sides' with hdrol?

  4. i would believe anavar gives less sides and also will give u descent mass especially if it is your first cycle.

  5. Add some test to your var cycle, and you'll be Good2GO

  6. Due to where i Live, pinning would not be an option ATM. How about if i was to use test base transdermally? I can get hold of 10g 'test base' powder

    as a first cycle 250mg test/week will suffice. Transdermal absorption is 20-25%, so i should apply 200mg a day (equivalent to around 300mg test/week)

  7. whats the best PH for a newbie to run

  8. i wanta run my first clyce in nov

  9. I have run both compounds.

    I would go with hdrol mainly because I don't believe that the cost of anavar is justified. The differance in results and sides you would see would be minimal.

  10. where are the hdrol logs...

  11. Hollidae your really trying your hardest to jake this thread. Use the search option to look for haladrol logs.


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