Thinking about my first cycle

  1. Thinking about my first cycle

    Hey guys just got a quick question. I have been working my rear off since i was 14 years old in the gym. I have had a very clean diet since 2002 and honestly believe i have reached my potential. I am thinking about doing my first cycle. The pct will be no problem but i am looking at something like this.

    Week 1 = 3 Anavar (Oxandrolone) 5mg
    Week 2 = 5 Anavar
    Week 3 = 8 Anavar + 3 Andriol (Testosterone Undecanoate) 40mg
    Week 4 = 10 Anavar + 4 Andriol
    Week 5 = 10 Anavar + 6 Andriol
    Week 6 = 8 Anavar + 4 Andriol
    Week 7 = 5 Anavar + 3 Andriol
    Week 8 = 3 Anavar

    This is a pure oral cycle... I have never injected myself with anything and am alittle leary about it for now. How does this look ? How toxic would this cycle be on my liver ? I will run all the support supplements while on cycle and will do a complete pct after cycle.

  2. Andriol is not gonna be anything special. Anavar needs to be at 50 mg.I would start with the 50 mg. from day, I know Anavar is expensive but it's best to run the cycle the right way. This shouldn't be too bad on your liver IMO. I would really run an injectable Test for 12-16 weeks if I were you but to each his own.

  3. wow we have an andriol siting!!!!

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