Injection Volumes?

  1. Injection Volumes?

    Everyone has their particular volumes they inject into sites...what are yours?

    • Glutes: 2-4
    • Quads: 2-3
    • Delts:  2
    • Bis: 1-1.5
    • Lats: 2
    • Traps: 2

    Come on bros...let's hear it!


    • Glutes 2 - 3
    • Quads 1 - 2/1/2
    • Delts 11/2 - 2
    • Bi's not done yet
    • lats not done
    • traps not done

    One of these days I am going to try a calf shot just to see how it does..

  2. Quads 2.5 ccs
    Delts 2 ccs
    tris, bis 2 ccs

  3. delts 3cc's
    tri's 3cc's
    quads 6cc's
    glutes 6cc's

  4. Originally posted by HUknows
    delts 3cc's
    tri's 3cc's
    quads 6cc's
    glutes 6cc's
    Woah! Ive only done 1cc at a time per day so my reply wouldnt really fit here.

  5. Im still trying to figure it all out, this is my first cycle

    glutes 3
    quads 3

    I have no experience anywhere else.

    Wardog, why this? Glutes..NEVER Just curious i guess.


  6. Calves 1.5

  7. I dont do glutes because I feel that twisting and not being able to see where I stick, isnt the brightest thing for me to do. Why bother when there are LOTS of places I can stick and see exactly what I am doing??

  8. i must flexible i guess, i can do it easy and i seldom have any discomfort afterwards.
    Too each his own eh?


  9. I do large volume injections 3-5 cc's

    pec's 4-5
    delts 4-5
    calves 3 and it is rough I have leggs that a chick would laugh at

  10. on this last run (my first, oh yah... i was supposed to write something this weekend.. ****, i worked all day yesterday, and was in some stupid desert town visiting a cousin today.... ****, i'll get this goin soon) I used

    2.5cc glutes
    2.0cc quads

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  11. Quads 4
    Glutes, agree with wardog
    Delts 1 (I seam to mangle myself on thesez)
    Calves 4 (I have big calves)

    Still pretty new at this.


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