Andro Mass m1t

  1. Andro Mass m1t

    So I went to get some superdrol from the place where I get all my Ph's and he didnt have any but had some Andro Mass
    M1t. Needless to say I was pumped about grabbing a bottle from him, he said the feedback has been really good on this particular brand of M1t (Usually 10-12lbs in 14 days). However the caps are 10mg and when i compare them to a 10mg capsule of Ax Phera-Plex they seem much larger. I did a search and found little on this particular brand, do u think this m1t is a bunk or underdosed?

  2. Some caps have more filler than others. So it could still be 10mg just like the smaller pill.

  3. i've tried it, in fact i still have some left that i am going to do another cycle of in a few months. from what i've read on this site about M1t it may be underdosed because I really didn't notice results until over a week into it. Also i heard the sides with m1t were kinda crazy but I didn't really notice anything major other than being tired all the time. I dosed it at 20mg a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon for 3 weeks. i gained 12 lbs in the three weeks and i've kept about 4-5 lbs

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