does anybody use 1-test [FINAL]to cut?

  1. does anybody use 1-test [FINAL]to cut?

    I was looking over at the BDC lab and was wondering if anyone does this prevent catabolism during cutting.

  2. Can you please refraze the question?

  3. I guess you're asking if people use 1-Test for cutting. The answer is yes; it's used for cutting because it causes no water retention. On the bad side, 1-Test alone can make you sluggish so it's wise to stack it with a decent amount of 4-AD or an ECA stack. Maybe even WW7 product called Power Train can help in that department. 1-Test also kills your libido and 4-AD can help you combat this problem.

  4. The 1-test final has 4-AD in it. It s got 1,260mg of each in a bottle. I will probly be stacking it with a light fat burner, also a topical one.

    oh and sorry how i frazed the question. Iron warrior was correct.

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