Suggestions Please Newbie D bol H drol

  1. Suggestions Please Newbie D bol H drol

    I know there are a lot of veterens out there. I have read and read everyone likes something different.

    I want to start my first cycle (four week) in October. I am wide open to suggestions I want to stick to oral I was thinking :
    D bol or H drol Superdrol.

    I weigh 245 at 6'1" and need to get cut along with bulking Any suggestions with liver support and PCT also.



  2. When you say D bol, do you mean Dianabol (the black market steroid), or something that you're finding on the internet? H50 was my original cycle, I enjoyed it, and feel that it's a good introduction. Superdrol is an awesome compound but it's not really advised that you jump into a cycle of it without a couple of cycles already under your belt. If you aren't buying this "D bol" from an actual person (that you trust) do not buy it. It is a scam.

  3. I know someone who can get the real deal just don't know if it would be too much.....

  4. Not a good idea for your first cycle. Also I completely forgot to tell you about Epistane. I just ran it for a month and loved it. The gains are very dry and easily maintained. Also it was the easiest compound, I ever used, to come off of. If you run it correctly (cycle support & good pct w/ SERM) and dose something like:
    week 1: 10mgs (first day), 20 mgs
    week 2: 30mgs
    week 3: 30mgs
    week 4: 40mgs

    you can expect very nice gains with minimal side effects. H50 is also really mild as far as sides are concerned, but comming off it isn't as nice as comming off of Epistane IMO. Check out some of the logs (poopypants ran a sick one) of epi and you can see what running this compound intails.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



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