2 week SD cycles

  1. 2 week SD cycles

    I remember reading a little while back about someone raving about doing 2 week SD cycles followed by a short 2 week PCT then 2 weeks off and repeat

    what are some oppinions regarding this... i'm basically looking to minimize shut-down and long periods of "on" cycle

    I'v considered pulsing on workout days but i'm one of those pple who makes the majority of gains in the first few weeks during a cycle

    I'v ran SD once in the past at 30mg for 4 or 5 weeks (can't remember exactly it was a while ago) and had alot of sides and major shutdown... plus gains really slowed by the end of week 3

    I'm thinking if i run it at 20-30mg i can pack on a few lbs and drop some bodyfat... then recover for a month and do it again

    any input is appreciated

  2. im considering this also bro, good thread. huge bump

  3. good post...very curious about this

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mfbb View Post
    good post...very curious about this

  5. this was done ALOT back when it was first released.. im sure you can find some info on ehre bout it but only with alot of digging... come on i know someone will catch this that actually tried it out.

  6. soo is this repeated for then howlong?

    total of 8weeks? 4 on 4 pct?

    or like 12weeks or 16or etc.

  7. the most i heard was 2 on 2 off 2on 4 off..... it leads to minimal shutdown less sides and a longer period of time overall to make gains.... it is basically what the pulse method now does better but this is more suited for the guys who gain early in there cycles and then want to get out before they cause major shutdown.... its hard to distinguish wich method is better ... its mostly a matter of preference but from what ive seen it seems to me that the newer method is probally better as far as sides are concerned.. overall gains are probally equal too BUT gains will come slow with the new method while this older 2 on 2 off would pretty be 2 weeks of gains the 2 weeks maintaing the 2 weeks of gains and so on.... id probally choose the new route as i think the gains will be more easily kept coming on slow and steady and no real shutdown to rebound from.

  8. I just finished a three week cycle of Superdrol. As far as mass gained, I gained the most during the end of the first week and beginning of the second week. I might have gained a little during the third week, but nothing worth going an extra week. I also did 30mg for the third week, which was totally unnecessary, and I didn't start noticing any sides (aside from back and shoulder pumps) until the third week (mostly just some acne, probably from dosing so high).

    So what I'm trying to say is, I'm thinking the 2 week cycles are looking more and more appealing. I had planned on doing another three week cycle a few weeks after I'm done with my PCT, but I think now I'm going to do two shorter cycles: 2 weeks on, 2 weeks PCT, 1-2 weeks off, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks PCT. A three week cycle with a four week PCT is 7 weeks, so this would be about the same length and would likely deliver better gains and less sides. Sounds good to me.

  9. yeah i'm guessing this type of method is not for everyone, but instead for those people who gain early in there cycle... i remember seeing strength gains with SD on day 3-4...

    as for maintaining gains i totally agree with poopy on this one, thats why if i were to go this route i would only look to gain and maintain 4-5 lbs during each two week cycle since anything over that will simply be fat/glycogen/water

    keep the input coming fellas

  10. Quote Originally Posted by nycste View Post
    soo is this repeated for then howlong?

    total of 8weeks? 4 on 4 post cycle therapy?

    or like 12weeks or 16or etc.

    haven't really thought this far in advance, the way i proposed would be 2on...2pct...2off... 2on...2pct...2off...ect i'm not sure how long it would be advisable to keep that up? I would imagine hormone levels would return to roughly normal during the off period but not sure

  11. not sure indeed but interesting thread

  12. Superdrol will shut you down pretty quickly...

    2on2off does sound interesting though. Continuing it for a long peroid of time would make toxicity issues arise because you need to give the liver a little more then 2 weeks to fully repair itself.

    As far as the hormones goes, 2 weeks with a serm (maybe dosed 40/30~20) after 2 weeks on SD, IMO you might be able to get away with it.

    Try it out for 2-4 cycles...I wouldn't go past that though.


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