All Test 350. Has any one heard of this?

  1. All Test 350. Has any one heard of this?

    I have come across some All Test 350 by Apex Pharma. Can't find anything really on it. I got it from a friend and usually everything is always top notch.

    Test Prop. 40mg
    TestEnanthate 80mg
    Test Isocaproate 70mg
    Test Acetate 30mg
    Test Decanoate 70mg
    Test Phenylpropionate 60mg
    Benzyl Alcohol & Lidocaine

    If anyone can help me with this it would be great

  2. it's just another test blend like sust or andropen (although the "all test" sounds strange)...if ur trust ur source i would think it's fine. pin it eod to get the full benefit of the short esters.

    also i would delete the name of the lab

  3. that looks like good sh1t on paper at least....

    delete the name of the lab i dont think thats allowed.

    it is called all test because it has almost all the esters, besides cypionate which is like enanthate and undeconate which is like deconate but really long ester time. I always wanted to try isocaproate ester.

  4. What do you guys think of taking the test at 350 a week deca 600 a week and tren acetate 200 a week. My goal is to put on ten puonds and stay lean and hard. should i just do tren and test to get cut or the deca and test to bulk then follow with tren? Any help would be appreciated. I have hcg and clomid for pct

  5. i wonder if that will be painful.....
    it does have lidocaine tho..

  6. never heard of lidocaine in an injectable, im guessing its a anesthetic or something?

  7. yea the lidocaine is so you won't ***** about all the BA that is in the blend

  8. I wonder if you'll have severe swelling like you do on my super test. I still wonder why everything I inject with it swells up a gajillion times it's normal size.


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