1. 1,4-add

    this checmical sounds very intersting.. are you guys capping this yourself? and at what dosage are you gus seeing the best results. anyone taking this as a sole component in your cycle?

    i am thinking of only using this guy for my first cycle. maybe run it at 8 weeks and see how it goes.



  2. 1,4 Andro is good for cutting or bulking. Recomended dose is between 600-900 mg. It can however make hungry as hell so you may have to stack it w/an ECA to balance that out. I wouldn't run 1,4 Andro only bro, I'd use it 3-alpha or 1-Test if you're cutting. I'd use it with T-1 Pro, T-1, or T-1 Final if bulking. BTW I believe Curt 2 Go used 1,4 Andro transdermally but I don't know the recommended dose transdermally, maybe he can jump in and give you his recomendation on it

  3. Right, 600-900mg orally and 300-400mg transdermally. Curt is the last one I heard ran it trans. He said it went well. According to DDD, 1,4 trans is awsome, I'll post the link below:


  4. Wow, 400 mg Trans is very economical for 1,4 Andro. Time to stock up.

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