Hmmm...m1t, what to do?

  1. Hmmm...m1t, what to do?

    Ive been on Epidrol for a little over 4 weeks now and im seeing good gains in the mirror but not so much on the scale. So ive been thinking ever since i started this cycle when i should throw in 2 weeks of m1t i have leftover. Im considering since im on cycle already i could do two weeks of m1t @ 10mg and 15mg and then finish with zol for 2 weeks after while the m1t clears. Do you think I should or should i end the cycle and go into PCT? just looking for some opinions (i think i know what will be said already).

  2. Save the M1T for when you have a serious rat infestation. It will save you from having to go to store and purchase anything.

  3. I would go with the ZOL - M1T is to harsh (IMO)

    What are you dosing your EPI at? I had to actually bump up to 50mg to see any difference on the scale (+5) Though I have been stacking it with the AndoXtreme for 6 days (and that's when my real progress started - to soon to tell)

  4. Tough call. That M1T will def put some good size/weight on you. Hrmmmm, I may have to lean twords saveing it. Run the M1T with the Zol, start with the M1T for 2 weeks then run the Zol to dump some of the water weight maybe.

    Its gonna take about 2 weeks for the M1T garbage to leave your body "feeling" wise so I'd save it for an M1T finished with Zol.
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  5. trash the m1t and finish as you planned

  6. I don't know how well your body will handle the M1T.But in 2 weeks you could probably gain another 10 pounds.

  7. well IF your gonna run the M1T i would run the Zol along side to keep water weight to a min... youll still put some on undoubtedly plus during the last week when the M1t is clearing youll have the Zol in your system and going.... but that would be a full 7 weeks of orals... not so good IMO.... too bad you didnt make this choice a week ago...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    So, your saying the cycle will be 8 weeks total?

    Hell, if you think its within your bounds, i'd say go for it. Would be a killer finish to a cycle. Only you can judge your own body, not us.

    what was your starting weight, where you at now? I noticed the same thing when I took havoc. More body recomposition than weight gain.
    yeah something like that, 6 weeks methyl and 2 weeks non. Like i said ive never been over say 40 days with methyls but I was gonna see how it goes.

    I started at around 208-209 and today i weighed in at 215.

    I started at 10mg for a day then 20mg then 30mg for a week then 40mg for a week then 50mg then 60mg and now 70mg. Thing is im taking a different approach with this cycle, kinda new age pp pulse lol. Ive been basing my dosing on meals and preworkout postworkout, so dosing changes 10-20mg from day to day. I take one or two days a week with no doses as well just to let the liver rest. Only side ive really noticed is the occasional lethargy and sleepiness.

    Ive noticed most of the gains this past week since ive changed to my own DC training variation so to speak. Could be Epi results are better in the long run unlike say something like Sdrol....I think ill just stay with epi but......idk part of me wants to listen to size because i respect his opinions.

    Size, honestly i know m1t rep but ive used it when it first came out. Could you just give me a reason why you think i should trash it. Supps are like food to me and i hate to waste lol.

  9. for the record i just went with straight epidrol for 8 weeks. Gained some nice strength and ive kept probably 90% of the gains. PCT was a breeze. M1t still sitting in the drawer....

  10. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    for the record i just went with straight epidrol for 8 weeks. Gained some nice strength and ive kept probably 90% of the gains. post cycle therapy was a breeze. M1t still sitting in the drawer....

  11. Sell it to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    (he will use it for peaceful nuke research...)

  12. Quote Originally Posted by milwood View Post
    Sell it to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    (he will use it for peaceful nuke research...)
    haha. or i could use it to make some sort of Blanka mutant...


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