Competitive Edge Labs

  1. Competitive Edge Labs

    I have not seen too much here on some of their products?

    Anyone have any thoughts on
    H-Drol (halodrol)
    M-Drol (superdrol)
    P-Plex (kinda obvious)

    Thanks in advance

  2. Took M-Drol, and really enjoyed it.

  3. anything noteable (size, strength gains etc..) how long were you on it?

  4. Took m-drol loved it great size, strength and aggression. Some minor sides but nothing major.Will be pulsing some p-plex then switching to mdrol to dry up.I haven't heard anything bad about their products

  5. Tried their H-drol, its pretty good.
    Their company is always worth a try.

  6. excellent, thanks guys. am thinking about hdrol by october. the prices are real good on their stuff so I wanted to make sure it was worth it


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