Please Comment on this cycle

  1. Please Comment on this cycle

    PP for weeks 1-4
    Epi 2-6
    1,4AD 1-6 at 1g/ed

    NOW liver support with added NAC and milk thistle
    PCT will be nolva

  2. looks ok...nice set up but a little risky with methyls for 6 weeks but IMO is doable with the right dosages, looks like 3 good compounds together. how do u plan to run the phera and epi?

  3. PP will be 10, 20 ,30 ,30
    Epi will be 10, 20 , 30 ,40

  4. Looks decent but I would keep my doses the same from day 1. This is a bulker I suppose, right ?

  5. correct, so what would you suggest?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by acshadow View Post
    correct, so what would you suggest?
    I would do 20 for the PP since it's the only one out of the 3 that I've taken. I haven't been keeping up with the Epi so I don't know what the effective dose would be. The 1,4 AD can be effective at as low as 600 mg. daily but 1 gram is fine IMO since it's not a methylated compound.

  7. well since you asked nicely.....

    I have done a few cycles and im going past the 4 week mark with a methyl and its tough. Ive been taking high doses of epi tho but still you will be stacking so

    pp 1-20
    epi 3-30
    and 14ad 1g throughout.

  8. Sounds like piston has the right Idea. I would get some cycle support if your going to go that heavy with the meths and maybe some taurine and a banana daily to keep the cramps and pumps down.

  9. i have all that already, for some reason i just didnt post it.

  10. so i got the PP today and it is 15mg caps so im not really sure how i should dose it now


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