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enough for epistane pct?

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    enough for epistane pct?

    5'8 177lbs
    21 yrs old

    Ran :
    Epistane 20/30/30/40/50-60mg
    DHEA 200mg/day


    Torem 120/90/60/30
    Tribulus 1500mg/day
    Creatine Mono 5g/day

    I've had no problems with shutdown as of yet. I'm on day 4 of PCT. After my 2nd dose of Torem, my libido went through the roof. No signs of gyno.

    Is there anything else I should add to PCT? Preferably something I could run out and get at GNC or vitamin shop since I'm already 4 days in.


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    that looks fine bro...are u running the torem at 120 for the whole week????bc I've heard ur only supposed to frontload it at 120 for like 3 days then drop to 90 for the remainder of the week and do 90/60/30 there out

    also maybe u can throw in a cortisol blocker for $hits and giggles...i liked D Supps Lean Xtreme

    howd u like the epi?? my boy gave me a bottle i might throw in the end of my test e /dbol that is in the works

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