After finishing a cycle what to look for in blood work?

  1. Question After finishing a cycle what to look for in blood work?

    I am almost 2 weeks into post cycle therapy from a 5 week Halo cycle 50/50/75/75/75 and recently got some blood work done.
    For some reason the doctor would not let me get my test levels checked and just found out they didnt even do the lipid profile like they said they were? This was all I got in the mail?

    So after finishing a cycle what do you look for in blood work that would show if theres something wrong besides test levels? Thanks for your time

  2. Look for everything within normal range...which in your case it was. If you want something tested your doc should do it. If not, get another doctor imho.

  3. Cholesterol, estrogen, FSH, LH, T3, T4, liver, and kidney.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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