major cutter

  1. major cutter

    well ive decided to run a major cut, looking to lose 20 pounds in 6-8 weeks, hopefully mostly fat. right now i have epistane, propadrol, clen and im really considering running t4. I dont have any experience with t3 or t4 so any input would be great.

    right now the plan is propadrol weeks 1-2, epistane weeks 3-6, clen 2 weeks on/off until i notice a tolerence. need dosage advice for t4.

    pct will be tamoxifen, cortisol blocker and some otc test booster.

  2. forgot to mention that energy is really important for me, ill be doing a lot of cardio and when i get lethargic i have zero motivation to do anything. so if anybody thinks the clen/t4 will drain my energy than ill have to forget that.

  3. you can run propadrol for longer because it is not methylated

  4. I know, but i only have 1 of the original bottles so only 40 15mg caps

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