Recipe for success/Please weigh in.

  1. Thumbs up Recipe for success/Please weigh in.

    Please offer your thouhgts on the below "first cycle for newbie" upcoming in September.

    Goal 10lbs.

    Current BF%- 10-11%
    Age: 36
    5' 11'
    175 lbs

    Day 1-4 - 10mg
    Day 5-10 - 20mg
    Day 11-20 - 30mg
    Day 21-26 - 40mg

    Week 5 Nolvadex 40mg 6oxo - 600mg
    Week 6 Nolvadex 40mg 6oxo - 600mg
    Week 7 Nolvadex 20mg 6oxo - 300mg
    Week 8 Nolvadex 20mg 6oxo - 100mg

    Supp support throughout:
    AI: Cycle Support daily
    (was recommended:NOW Foods Policonsanol but will "Cycle Support" cover this need?)

    ON Melatonin -daily

    Creatine- daily
    200 Grams Protein -daily

    ? Not sure of what my daily caloric in take should be. Thoughts?

    Am I missing anything?

    Thx M___-76 for input

  2. any one any one?


  3. cycle support will cover that

    i think it looks good...u could consider a 5th week too with PP

    make sure ur protein goes to 1.5g of your bodyweight and you are drinking a gallon of water and of course a balanced diet

  4. you want somewhere between 250-275 grams of protein every day. and im guessing you are going to workout hard trying to put on 10 lbs in a 4 week cycle. so you will want to consume somewhere between 2800-3500 calories depending on how much cardio you are doing.
    make sure you are getting enough carbs especially post workout.

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