Revita Hair Regrowth Shampoo

  1. Revita Hair Regrowth Shampoo

    I'm 23 years old and just starting to show some noticeable signs of MPB, such as a receding hairline...I've done 3 AAS cycles and a few PH cycles, for the heavy cycles I used Nizoral 2% EOD, I couldn't tell if it helped any, because I really didn't notice any receding hairline till about 6 months ago...

    I'm hesitant to try and start talking Propecia or finasteride, mainly because it would mean having to take it for a very long time, and the side effects regarding loss of strength and muslce mass...

    so I was wondering if this "Revita" shampoo would help at all? or if it's just some BS product

    Also, would using Nizoral shampoo help what-so-ever while NOT on a cycle, considering I am victim to MPB I think I will be losing hair on a cycle or not, just that doing a cycle speeds up the process a little, so in this case would nizoral help at all?

    thanks for any help

  2. I helped you before and got an ear full. I hope you find the solution you seek.

  3. NO shampoo will aid in hair re-growth - NONE

  4. 2% ketoconazole could help you from losing any more. It's a DHT blocker.. You're probably using 1% in whatever you have...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by neoborn View Post
    I helped you before and got an ear full. I hope you find the solution you seek.
    lol, I don't recall this...however pointless posts do piss me off (ie ur last one)



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