Psycho 1-test

  1. Psycho 1-test

    i got a bottle of this to add to my current 1-test/4ad stack for a little preworkout boost... now all i can say is if this is burn free id think the regular stuff would burn a whole right through your nose.. i used just 1 squit per nostral and it BURNS.. kinda feels like.. umm well maybe i shouldnt get into that.. anyway only thing good is it doesnt last more than 5 min and doesnt leave those awful drips in the back of your throat. So far from what ive noticed it makes you a little more focused for about 20 min then it sort of fades away.. Ive only done it twice so far so maybe i need to give it a few more workouts.. we will see..

  2. Damn. It makes my eyes water just thinking about it.
    1-test nose spray! Whats next, 1-test free baseing or 1-test supposatories. (ouch!!)
    Pill it, rub it or shoot it. or put it down.

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