Question about Phera-Phlex and Propadrol Cycle

  1. Question about Phera-Phlex and Propadrol Cycle

    I am planning on doing a Phera-Vol and Propadrol cycle in the near future. I have been doing a lot of research and feel that i know enough to get started. I was wondering what you all think about my cycle and if anything needs to be added or subtracted. thanks for all your help!

    On Cycle:
    Week 1 Phera-Vol 15 mg Propadrol 60 mg
    Week 2 Phera-Vol 15 mg Propadrol 60 mg
    Week 3 Phera-Vol 30 mg Propadrol 60 mg
    Week 4 Phera-Vol 30 mg Propadrol 60 mg
    Cycle Support
    Fish Oil

    Week 1 Nolva 40 Rebound XT 25
    Week 2 Nolva 30 Rebound XT 50
    Week 3 Nolva 20 Rebound XT 75
    Week 4 Nolva 10 Rebound XT 75
    Fish Oil

    Is it possible to just take the Nolva for 3 weeks? The reason i ask is because i am worried about the toxic effects that i have been reading about...Thanks for everyones help!

  2. Age and supplement history?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by slow-mun View Post
    Age and supplement history?
    I am 22 years and the only other prohormone experience I have is a 11-oxo and furazadrol stack. My goal is to add another lean 10-15 pounds...thanks for the help!

  4. I already responded at the other place. That's my other alias.

  5. thank you!

  6. drop the damned RXT!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    drop the damned RXT!
    what do you think about formadrol instead??or do you have any other suggestions? thanks!

  8. 6oxo or 6oxoExtreme or even a 6-bromo AI product. ATD is the


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