2wk cycle 1ad

  1. 2wk cycle 1ad

    Whats up guys. I got my hands on a bottle of 1ad. Theres only enough in it to do a 2 wk cycle at 300 mgs/wk. This would be my first ph cycle, would it even be worth it? If i was to do it, I would do a cutting diet. Probably stick with maintenance cals. With such low dosage and a short cycle would post meds be neccessary or would creatine, flax, zma, and eca be sufficient. Thanks for any help in advance.


  2. 2 weeks is a waste. The 2 and 3rd week is when things begin kicking in.

  3. IMHO don't bother. Pick yourself up some more 1ad or t-1final and add them and do a 4 weeker. later J

  4. Thanks for the help guys. I decided to order a bottle of t-1 final. Doing a 4 wk cycle. 1sq 2xday. Then for post I'll get some liquid nolva. Whats the recommended dosage for nolva. I think it's 40 mg ED for 2 wks then 20mg ED for the next two weeks. But I'm not sure on that.

    Also one more thing. I'm a weekend drinker. Decided to quit while on cycle to get the best gains for my money. Should I hold off on drinking during post cycle as well. I'm assuming yes.

    Thanks for any help in advance

    Oh by the way stats are: 5'9" 180lbs 9%bf

  5. Two week cycles work for some. Blanket statements do not apply in this game.

  6. Bow, I was gonna do the two weeker but decided that I'd prbably get better gains with the t1 final and if I need to i'll add some 1ad to this. (doubt I will, my first cycle)

    Is the dosages for nolva good?

  7. 40 mg's ED for the first week, 20 mg's ED for weeks 2-3 should get you kicking again. You could go as long as four weeks, but I think it is overkill for recovery from a four week cycle.

  8. so, 1sq twice a day should be enough for a first time user with stats like mine?

  9. Originally posted by avelino
    so, 1sq twice a day should be enough for a first time user with stats like mine?
    For a first time user, go with the recomended dosages. See how you respond before increasing dosages. If all goes well, you could easily double the recomended dosages for your next cycle.

  10. Hey Bow thanks for all the help.


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