Homebrew Test Prop 100mg/1ml

  1. Homebrew Test Prop 100mg/1ml

    Hi Im going to make homebrew Test Prop, do you think the ingredients are accurate?

    To make a 50ml Vial (Test Prop 100mg/1ml)

    Test Prop 5grams 5ml
    BA 2% 1ml
    BB 20% 10ml
    Triethanolamine 1% 0.5ml
    Sesame Seed Oil Refined 33.5ml

    I have heard people experiencing alot of pain from the hombrew, but if with the addition of Triethanolamine it kills the acetate and therefore kills the prop pain??

    Any amendments to my recipe would be gladly welcome.


  2. you taking ur test from synovex?

  3. Looks good on the quantities. Make sure to filter it through a .2um and bake for extra security with a syringe through the stopper.

  4. I think the pain people get is from taking 200mg/ml shots. Thats too concentrated and leaves test crystalized without the oil in your muscles. Thats what causes pain I believe.

    Diluting shots to 100mg/ml should cause much less pain.

  5. guys this is a 2 year old thread...

  6. Didnt see...
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