Advice for the stupid - Anabol

  1. Advice for the stupid - Anabol

    My brother, (and yes it is my brother) decided to start taking oral steroids (Anabol) at the rate of 15 to 20mg per day in order to try and gain some weight. He is 38 years old.

    He was originally quite thin, 69 to 70kg and after taking the tablets for 5 or 6 weeks is now around 75 to 76kg. I noticed that he was getting bigger a lot quicker than me as we both train together 3 times per week.

    He confessed to taking the anabol to me knowing I wouldn't be happy about it, I don't generally approve of steroids although I suppose i know little about them. I found this site on the net. I believe that he stopped taking the anabol about three weeks ago but said that he may start them again in three weeks time. I don't believe that he was taking any other drug in conjunction with the Anabol.

    My concerns are: 1. That he has taken the steroids with no knowledge of the damage they can do. 2. He is not doing any "post cycle therapy"

    I need some good help/advice - please save the criticism.

    Thanks a bunch.

  2. if he's been "off" for weeks now PCT @ this point would be silly, his hormones should be back in order by now, i would hope anyway. as far as continuing another cycle, you might be "hard-pressed" to talk him out of it, especially after good gains and results. i would ask him this #1 did he keep his gains, #2 how was libido and the "boys", also ask him if he would like for those little pills to do more of what they were designed to do???? if you can get him to look into a proper PCT plan for next time and while he's doing that....he'll have little choice to find out MORE info on that substance....then i think it's worth it...ultimitly..if you can convince him to do more research until the next cycle...thats awesome. and yea it was a stupid thing to do, but what he does from here on out is more important.

  3. Anabol

    Thanks for the kind reply.

    If he were to start taking them again, is there any benefit to just take the anabol and nothing else. To be honest I prefer he didn't take them.

    If he does, what PCT should he do afterwards, (that is if he only takes the anabol for 6 weeks?)

  4. as far as is there a benefit....theres only going to be a benefit if he knows WTF he's doing, right? i could tell you i need an air filter for my car to run properly, but if i don't know where the filter goes or which filter it is it's not going to do me any good to "just shove a filter in there wanting it to work. this stuff is very serious, and can be dangerous, but if used PROPERLY can have many benefits. I am in no way going to be able to correctly give you any specific advise on a substance that i have never taken personally, nor would i. there are lots of way to get the answers you desire and also possibly someone w/ more experience "chimes in" soon.......again i don't want to give you bad advise so when i don't know something I'm going to tell you so, and not just start making S*** up....

  5. Not exactly sure what this "Anabol" compound is, but he should be encouraged to read up on the very least to preserve his gains and keep his hormones somewhat closer to normal. Impress upon him that repeated cycles, with little time off and no PCT is a great way to become hypogonadal for life.

    "...his hormones should be back in order by now,.."

    This statement is not true as studies have shown it can take up to 12 weeks to re-establish testosterone levels to their pre-cycle levels. This is partially contingent upon the length of the cycle but also upon the relative strength(androgenic to anabolic ratio) of the compound in question. Assuming this is an oral, it's likely it's fairly strong and he's still shutdown.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    Not exactly sure what this "Anabol" compound is,
    Its another street name for DBol.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by FrankJ View Post
    Its another street name for DBol.
  8. Clomid/Dianabol


    assuming he has been off the Dianabol for 4 weeks now without a PCT, would there be any benefit in him starting a cycle of Clomid now? If so what dosage per day and can a second cycle be started whilst still taking Clomid?


  9. Quote Originally Posted by FrankJ View Post
    Its another street name for DBol.
    its actually British dragons BRAND name for dbol...

    he not only needs to worry about shut down but he needs to make sure to take care of his liver. wich means tell him to get on a milk thistle NAC liver detoxifier NOW and dont get off especially if hes going to continue taking it again. In all honesty with the proper support supplements in place and if he takes care of his prostate, cholesterol, runs proper post cycle therapy to help his gonads and hpta production and takes care of his liver.... LOL.... THEN this can be nothing but benificial for him and will do great for accelerating his gains and meeting his goals.... remember DOCTORS prescribe worse compounds then this to people(anadrol) for its muscle adding benifits and wont do a damn thing about telling you to do a post cycle therapy or liver protection.... so steroids have there uses and done safely are even benificial to the average joe.... dont go too harsh on him.

    you should probally refer him to these boards so he can do some research and make sure not only that he keeps himself healthy but will get the most out of his cycle so he wont have to take unsafe doses.... btw 15-20mg is a perfect starting dose so at least he isnt taking a ton of it.... also tell him to not run it in periods longer then 5 weeks and will want to get an AI or he can easily get gyno... this drug increases estrogen substantially.

    heres a reference steroid profile for it also: - Big Cat - In Depth Dianabol Profile!

    ask him if his tabs are pink like the ones below and come in a container like this or a flat paper pouch... still pink tabs though.... just to make sure its not a knock off of BD's anabol (dianabol) and really just some weak test booster or crummy ph....

    left is BDs right is British dispensary Thai ... a copypcat brand but still dbol.... ask him who makes it and if the compound name Methandienone or 17beta-Hydroxy-17alpha-methylandrosta-1,4-dien-3-one... then youll be sure its dbol a real and not to be taken lightly steroid.
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  10. And here I thought he was talking about ALRi's Pro-Anabol

  11. Milk Thistle? Can you tell me more? Does it have a specific brand name?

    PS Thanks heaps for your in depth replies.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jauntyjohn View Post
    Milk Thistle? Can you tell me more? Does it have a specific brand name?

    PS Thanks heaps for your in depth replies.
    Milk thistle? Milk thistle? brand name? no man it's something you will be able to purchase from almost any Vitamin store or grocery store.....all most anywhere.....if you look @ the ingredients in any liver support supplement, it's most likely got M.T. in it and or saw palmetto and so on. but theres a whole lot more that someone needs than just these kinds of herbs/vitamins.


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