t-1(final) and dmso

  1. t-1(final) and dmso

    can i please get a more detailed description on how to apply this.. all i get are high school responses with vague info.

    again, after 'spilling' the dmso vial into the t-1(final) bottle, and after applying to skin, do i need to wrap the area with some sort of protection(ie. saran wrap).

    when searching the message board for a complete description, again, all i get is sparse and incomplete/conflicting info.


  2. You can apply it to your chest, inner thighs, inner bis, inner forearms, back of knees, tops of feet. That should give you more than enough options.

    You do not need to wrap the area. I have read where some people have done it or thought about it to help increase absorption but it's not necessary. Just make sure you let it dry somewhat before putting on clothes.

  3. High school responses??? I take offense to that since I answered in your last waste of a thread. Bro the questions that you are asking clearly show that you've not really looked for the answer yourself. It's also wise to make sure you know how to take something before you buy it, especially with Ph's. Later J

  4. thanks for the response... and quit being so thinned skinned(no pun intended).

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