Which is better Superdrol or EST Methyl Vol

  1. Which is better Superdrol or EST Methyl Vol

    Has anyone out thier tried both of these products and could tell me which one was the better of the 2. This would help me out a bit.

  2. originals are always the best

  3. 100% go with the original. there are some descent clones but i always like the originals i had a customer run that est stuff he said it gave him a lil pump like NO2 does and that it was straight garbage otherwise

  4. yeah i heard the EST version wasnt very good, superdrol will always be the best thats why nobody even calls the clones usually by there name, they say flat out superdrol, its the same with like windex or kleenex lol, all in all SUPERDROL FOR LIFE

  5. good point. Its ganna be hard to get a hold of a bottle of superdrol tho might as well go with injectables can find those alot easier.

  6. I'd pick up mdrol by cel labs. It seems everybody that takes it says its as good as the original.

  7. cant go wrong with mdrol im on it right now big gains in str and muscle hardness


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