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  1. Super Duper Cutter

    So here's my theoretical cycle. I have a full bottle of Megazol, and about 15 leftovers in another bottle. So i'm thinking about ordering Furazadrol instead of another bottle of Zol. Everything's up for debate otherwise I wouldn't be asking for suggestions, so feel free.

    Sat: 10mg, Megazol 100mg
    Sun: Epi 20mg Megazol 150mg
    Week 1: Epi 30mg, Megazol 200mg, Fura 50mg on the last 5 days
    Week 2: Epi 30mg, Megazol 250mg, Fura 50mg
    Week 3: Epi 30mg, Megazol 100mg, Fura 200mg
    Week 4: Epi 30mg, Megazol 100mg, Fura 200mg

    During cycle and after: perfect cycle, Life support, extra hawthorn berry

    PCT: Nolva, Activate, Trione, Beta-alanine 7gr ED

    Or I could just do a CissusDrol cycle with 2 extra activate caps per day if i'm feeling cheap.


  2. have you used Zol or Fura before? Its hard to know how to dose them if you havent, for me even 250mg/day of Zol hardly did anything.

  3. yeah i did Zol up to 300mg, I havent run Fura but supposedly it's a lot stronger than Zol. Honestly I would buy 2 bottles of Fura but i'm too cheap and want to use up the Zol.

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