1-test Cyp

  1. 1-test Cyp

    What materials would one need to order in order to make a good 1-test Cyp ? Don't want to order a whole kit. Here is what I'm thinking:

    2, 20 ML Vials
    18 guage pins (how many?)
    25 guage pins
    1 micron Whatman filter

    Heat oil

    Dissolve 5g of 1TCyp in 16 ml oil, add 2ml BA/ 2ml BB (within 1st vial)

    Heat again until clear (without lid). Let cool

    Whatman filter into sterile vial w/18 guage pin

    How far off am I?

  2. I read a bro on conversionboard.com did it, here's what he said:

    I got 5g easily into a 100mg/ml solution with 1ml of BA and 7 mls of BB. I added 3 more mls of BB just in case. Painless so far the day afterwards.

    So to do this you'd need 2 50ml bottles, two 10ml syringes, 3 20ga needles and a 25ga to vent vial when filtering into it. Assume the powder takes .75ml per g so use this little calculator :

  3. I dont understand. BA? BB? Are you mixing supplements and shooting them?

  4. this would be for injection.

  5. I just used Kitchen Chemist's recipe for Test-E on the 1-Test Cyp. Held in solution for ~ a month before I needed to use it and seems to be working fine.

  6. any pain with the inject bro?

  7. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    any pain with the inject bro?
    Not in the slightest.

  8. Great to here, looks like 1-test cyp easily goes in solution. Dazed said it's characteristics lead him to believe it is more of a prop ester rather than a long cypionate ester. Which wouldn't make sense as you won't get prop into just 5%ba i don't think.

    What was the mg/ml ratio bro?

  9. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    What was the mg/ml ratio bro?
    Welllllll... I was hoping you might tell me. I essentially used the same recipe and amounts from your Test-E post (on another board), which was 250mg/ml. Wouldn't the yield be the same?

    The 1-test cyp was actually sort of a fluffy crystalline in consistency. It went into solution REALLY well, but didn't seem as sensitive to variable room temps like test E.

    I was actually going to ask you what results you thought I might expect (or if you thought my liver would fall out) when I saw your reply.

    Any ideas?

  10. Liver wouldn't fall out lol. Results should be better than transdermal as you are getting 100% absorbed. If you used 25g and ended up with 100ml total solution then it's 250mg/ml. If you made 10ml with 2.5g it'd work out the same.


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