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  1. winny oral

    Hi bro .. suppose someone had 5 grms of winny powder. but that would be illegal. just pretend. Could a certain someone make an oral solution by dissolving it into say some liquid clen , armidex ext.... at say 50ml makung 100mg/ml ? thank you

  2. I wouldnt try doing that if it was mine...
    Here are the directions I found for doing an oral coversion for powder
    Pick up some sesame oil at the health store and find a container for the liquid.
    Determine the concentration. For Stanabol I recommend 25 mg/ml, for Anabol and
    Oxandrolone I suggest 20 mg/ml. Say you have 1 gram of Anabol. That's 1000 mg.
    At 20 mg per ml that equates to
    50 ml of oil. So for every gram of powder you have you will make 50 ml of
    solution. Fill the container up with water, 50 ml per gram. If you have 5 grams,
    then that's 250 ml. Mark that spot on the container. Dump out the water and let
    the container dry. Dump the powder in the container and then add oil until you
    reach the mark you made on the container. You know have your solution at 20

  3. Pick up some supersolvent and add a couple mls to dissolve it with everclear and heat. That should dissolve it no prob otherwise you'll have a suspension that you need to shake before use which is no problem aswell.
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  4. Sorry for 5 grams, add 5ml or so.

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