Hey guys, looking for some pro feedback on my Epi pulse cycle that I'm putting together. I've tried to synthesize a lot of the ancillary supp info found in the plusing thread. I *fully* understand the concept behind pulsing (i.e. no "real" post cycle therapy needed) but I'm looking to augment this cycle through AI and Anti-cort support to minimize sides and retain my gains. Any feedback about that specifically would be greatly appreciated. See my DOSE questions below.

Stats: 34, 6'1, 168, 13% bf, ecto.

Not a gym egomaniac. In my perfect little world I'd be 180-185lbs @ 10%bf with super flexibility and balanced proportions. Feedback accordingly.

weight training for 6 years

Previous cycles:
ALRI Evo stack

by Bobo, approx. ~3200cal/day @ 311g Pro / 322g Carb / 76g Fat and 1gal water min.

ON days: midday workout Tues / Thurs / Sat
OFF days: light cardio (rowing) or yoga (generally one day eacH)

7hrs sleep, daily stretching, clean diet w/ little to no alcohol (usually just a glass of wine), high calorie diet on OFF days.

10lbs lean muscle without running a SERM and minimized sides

8-week Epistane
Wk 1: 10/20/30mg
Wk 2-3: 30mg
Wk 4: bump to 40mg based on progress
Wk 5: OFF depending on how I feel
Wk 6-9: 40mg

ED: Xlean in a.m. and early p.m. <---- DOSE?
ON days: Epistane 1hr pre-w/o, 30min post workout
Xlean pre-workout <---- DOSE?
OFF days: HDX2 - 2caps prior to bed

ED: Multi-V, Omega-3
OFF days: Creatine @ 5mg <----OPINIONS / DOSE ?
BCAA @ 15g <---OPINIONS?

Retain XT if needed

Thanks in advance for any help, you guys rock!