Long term freezer storage of PH's...

  1. Long term freezer storage of PH's...

    So I bought 10 bottles of SD from the first DS run, along with 10 bottles of 1-4 andro (it seemed like a "synergistic" stack at the time). I immediately froze them (sealed in their bottles, but without vacuum packing). So I'm wondering if they're still potent. Any opinions are welcome.

  2. Yes, I bet they're still "good". Maybe not 100% potency, but my guesstimate is 80-90%. Even though vacuum sealing is best because it prevents oxygen exposure, sealed bottles will still limit oxygen exposure to a large degree. And I think temp is an even bigger factor. Even if the bottles had been stored at room temp they'd still have significant activity. In the freezer they should be almost 100%.

  3. Thanks for the input, Savage. Now I just have to figure out how to use them...

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