Dark Side: New Cycle OK?

  1. Dark Side: New Cycle OK?

    Hey guys, i have been selected to test Epithin-E in a week or so. So after my epithin-E 4 weeker, i will take a couple months off then maybe start my first ever "cycle"... Tell me what you guys think!!

    I plan to do a 12 week cycle so the Test Cypionate is stopping at week 10 since it needs to clear my system...

    Week 1-10: 750mg Test cyp + 600mg Equipose
    Week 1: Test Prop: 100mg EOD
    Week 11-12: Test Prop: 75mg ED + Epistane 30mg/day

    Week 13-16: Igf-1, PegMGF, Clomid +toremifene, aPCT, Retain, tribulus

    OK QQQ:

    1) Should i switch equipose with deca??
    2) When would i incorporate HCG and how much??

    Thanks guys!

  2. Thats a pretty involved first cycle from what they say. Wanted to get subscribed though...

  3. that looks like someone's 7th cycle, not a first. What are your stats?

    EQ or Deca really depends on what you want, if you want all out mass go for deca. But i think you should consider a way lighter first cycle.

  4. like just test cyp for 10 weeks?

  5. Yes, test only for 10-12 weeks for a first cycle. Cyp is fine. As for HCG, you'll get mixed opinions. Some say run it at a low does through the entire cycle, others say start mid-cycle, and others will say not to bother with HCG during a test only cycle, especially since it's your first injectable cycle, want to keep things as simple as possible. You have the rest of your life to run multiple compunds, stick with one for your first time.

  6. i have done pheraplex/superdrol/m1,4ADD/1,4AD/4AD/1AD/Mega-TRN


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