Epi pulse cycle construction...need help.

  1. Epi pulse cycle construction...need help.

    I've read the pulse thread on how to pulse PH's...but I have a few questions.

    I was considering pulsing epi with xmass, but I think I'm going to pulse epi first, then see how that goes before running an xmass/epi cycle during winter.

    The pulse will be some what of a clean bulk/recomp, and I'm looking to stick to the M,W,F scheme for about six weeks. Nolva and other PCT junk will be on hand in case I need them...and Perfect cycle will be ran throughout along with a couple other ancilliaries I find useful while on cycle.

    A few questions though.

    How much should I be taking since I'm pulsing? I understand that while on a pulse, you can take more that on a straight cycle...so how much should I go up to?

    What would be better to take on the off days...Retain 2.0, or ATD, or something else, like HDx2?

    If I wanted to run it for 8 weeks, how extensive should my PCT be?

    This cycle won't happen until I figure everything out, and currently I'm at 235...and won't be doing this until I lose at least ten more lbs. Anyways, anything you can help with will be appreciated.

  2. bump.

    Also, I've decided on starting at 20mg and bumping up to 50mg around week 6 or so and just running it at that from there on out.

    I need some opinions on this though.

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