1. ENTH/DECA OR ENTH/PROP/DECA (first cycle)

    A little bit about myself: 5'8" 165pds, 6%body fat, about 4000cal/day, lifting aggresively for 1 1/2 years (lifting for 5 years) 25yrs old. I plan to gain size and strength (i hope about 20 pds.)

    I only have a few choices of AAS. First it would be test enth @ 200/mg shots and deca @ 200mg shots.
    a combo of test enth @ 150mg/shot, test propinate @ 75mg/shot and deca @ 75mg/wk. If I did this combo, I would take it every other day for 8 weeks. (enth @ 450-600mg/wk; prop @ 225-300mg/wk; deca @ 225-300/wk) I know these are the right amounts alone but I"m not sure if they are too strong for a first cycle.

    I also can get d-bol @ 25/day for up to 4 weeks. ( I plan on starting off either cycle @ 25mg/day for 2-4weeks) this may be excessive.

    The real question is would I go with enth/deca OR enth,prop,deca combo. And should I start off with the d-bol. Is the d-bol necessary since I already would have a short ester(prop)?

    by the way i already have the clomid and nolvadex.

  2. for a first cycle Id go enth deca, less sticks =happier person and the dbol will kick you off just fine.

  3. Agreed, except being the person I am, I would probably say jump the first week or 2 with the prop, then kick to enth.

  4. I agree that the enth/deca/dbol stack (4 weeks on dbol). Also, what's your planned post-cycle look like?

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  5. somple is good but why not kick it off with d-bol virgin receptors will grow best and the enth wont really kick in for 3 to 4 weeks

  6. the enth-deca-dbol.
    thats my next cycle. the beauties are sitting right here with me... too bad its not being used til later this fall.

  7. Well from my first experience, i didn't like d-bol at all. Made me lazy and i was in pain all day long (cramps and such). EQ will make you hungry as fuk so plan to gain some fat as there wasn't enough time in the world to cook as much as i ate hehe. I'd hit up the prop at the beginning with then test enan, but everyone has there own preferences.

  8. I won't comment on such things unless I've actually experienced them. And we ALL know I haven't. I have been warned.
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  9. Damn just realized you weren't even thinking of eq lol. Disregard the stuff about the eq in my reply lol.

  10. hey mine to and I respect yours

  11. it is your first cycle so make it simple:
    Weeks 1-10: 500mg test, 400mg deca

    if you want to add dbol
    weeks 1-4 30mg dbol ed. at your weight 30mg should be enough.
    Eat well and train well, you will make very nice gains.

  12. less sticks =happier person and the dbol will kick you off just
    The enth/deca/prop are combined together all in one bottle.

    what's your planned post-cycle look like?
    [email protected] 300*1days 100*10days 50*10days (3 weeks after last injection) Also i have nolvadex on hand incase of gyno.

    too bad its not being used til later this fall.
    How long will this **** last?

    i didn't like d-bol at all. Made me lazy and i was in pain all day long (cramps and such).
    Where did you get the pain and cramps and can anything be done to stop the pain other than stop the dbol?

    (enth @ 450-600mg/wk; prop @ 225-300mg/wk; deca @ 225-300/wk)
    If i take this sample EOD, would it be too much test in my body?

    thanks again guys.

  13. I have no idea what could stop them but my whole body was sore, had restless sleep etc.

  14. You sure it was the D-bol? I never get pain with D-bol. Winny is different but never D-bol. Were you taking clen at the same time? I remember your little fiasco with the clen.... Also if you were taking letro, low estrogen could cause joint pain as well. There are many factors that could of gone into it.
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