Crazy Pains in my it the joints? PLEASE HELP

  1. Crazy Pains in my it the joints? PLEASE HELP

    (sorry if not roid related but this has the most viewing...does it help that im on cycle? haha)

    I'm 21 and I've been a baseball catcher for like 8 yrs give or take...i havent played since i was 17/18yrs old (I didnt have those leg pads that you see nowadays...lucky bastards) so my knees arent so good to begin with and they "crack" alot. I sometimes have to bend them so they snap and crack to feel better or if im sitting and get up or im in a certain position they crack on their own. I've been doing ATG squats for bit now and moved up to 185 not ATG but below parallel and im working to get to ATG and had some strange soreness in my knees and behind my legs but nothing too bad I just figured it was from the increase in weight from 135. Yesterday (leg day) I did the same thing but this time I went to 225 and did parallel.

    Well, right now in my left leg while im sitting if i try and flex my leg in a closed position it hurts as if its nerves or something like that and its really crucial pain and similar pain in my right but not as bad but it only hurts like that when i do the flex thing but its basically me closing my leg not really flexing its almost an all the time position (i hope you understand what im saying haha) and when i walk i feel it in both knees like knee cap area inside and behind where my leg bends. Idk if its joints or what but it f'n hurts...any idea what it could be? should I get it looked at? Would Cissus work or should I seek professional before masking the pain and continue to do more damage. Any advice or similar pains please let me know. Thanks
    PS: i love my squats and i dont want to stop so idk what to do

  2. why did you post this in the steroids section? I would definatly go see a doctor. Cissus might help but it is not the only answer

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SlowNSteady View Post
    (sorry if not roid related but this has the most viewing...does it help that im on cycle? haha)
    Tht's why it has the most viewing and i figured people would look at it. i guess ill be making a call to the Dr. thanks

  4. when you have pain 'behind' your knees (in the fold) it usually indicates that there is fluid built up in the joint area itself (although you cannot see it) the fluid is released from either your meniscus (through a tear which sometimes folds under)
    or your ACL - you need to see a doctor and get an MRI to deem exactly what's going on... until then, do not do what you have been doing seeing how your body (knees) are telling you to STOP - lunges are the best recomp exercise for your situation

    hope this helps

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