Get ready for the my madness stack log!!!

  1. Smile Get ready for the my madness stack log!!!

    alright so ive been out of the bodybuilding game now for 2 months. After 3 years straight of hardcore lifting. My x-gf came with the im pregnant, and sent me into a whirlwind of depression where i never worked out and just ate ****. 3 days ago i found out it was all a lie, what a waste of 2 months of my life. I was about 195lbs and 8% bf before this break and standing at 5'9 or 5'10. Now im still around 195lbs but id say 14% bf, which has got me feeling down on myself. So im read to start my cycle monday and get back to my old form, im hoping this extra fat weight sheds off pretty easy. So here is the plan
    Weeks 1-2: 2 caps of 17-methylx(20mg), 1 cap of halo-d(25mg)

    Week 3: Same as weeks 1-2, but add in 3 caps of tren xtreme(90mg)

    Weeks 4-6: Discontinue 17-methylx, and bump up to 2 caps of Halo-d(50mg), continue tren xtreme at 3 caps per day(90mg)

    Week 7: Keep tren xtreme at 3 caps per day(90mg)

    weeks 1-12: Test Enanthate(600mg) week

    I took this stack minus the test last year and had amazing results, so i wanna run it again since it was my fav cycle, but add in the test for some extra kick. Im running the halo at just 25mg the first 3 weeks because of it being double methylated along with the double methylated phera-plex. Im going to be taking cycle support and liv 52,xtend,adam multi,cissus, wtf pump'd, fish oil, and maybe a couple other little things im not sure yet. Im going to take all my orals with grapefruit juice since ive never done so and i wanna see the affect. Monday ill upload some embarrassing pics, and ill keep them updated every week, my muscle should come right back due to muscle memory i hope.

  2. Tell me some domestic abuse was involved after you found out it was a lie!

  3. LMFAO, you know what i was so happy that i just said fcuk it, plus she is a crazy bithc, and would of done something like fukc up my beautiful car

  4. Good self control bro...imagine if this had happened when you were all juiced up?!

  5. yeah man seriously, but she did cross the line a couple months back by throwing away my 3 bottles of test e, that i was going to run with my havoc, that basically was the last draw lol



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