What are your thoughts about this stack?

  1. What are your thoughts about this stack?

    alright i took this stack last winter and it worked miracles with little side affects. I took mega-h, phera-max, and mega zol....this time around im going to do the same with different clones except switch out mega zol and use xtreme trend instead. here is what i plan on doing

    Weeks 1-2: 3 caps of 17-methylx(20mg), 1 cap of halo-d(25mg)

    Week 3: Same as weeks 1-2, but add in 3 caps of tren xtreme(90mg)

    Weeks 4-6: Discontinue 17-methylx, and bump up to 2 caps of Halo-d(50mg), continue tren xtreme at 3 caps per day(90mg)

    Week 7: Keep tren xtreme at 3 caps per day(90mg)

    The one thing i was thinking of doing different is running test enanthate at 600mg a week for week 1-12.........do you guys think that would be over kill?:bb3:

  2. 25mg of halo won't do much of anything

    i would stick with the 17 methylx to kickstart and test e for 12 weeks

  3. I agree to just choose one oral as a kickstart to a Test E cycle.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. what about kicking in the xtreme tren like week 8 when the test is a full force?

  5. Pointless, just enjoy the test.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. enjoy i will, thx guys


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