does anyone ship international for liquid clomid etc...

  1. does anyone ship international for liquid clomid etc...

    .....cant find a source...itching to start my first me out here guys.if not can someone give me a cheap sorce for tabs....cheers mark j ps ive got 2 bottles of 6OXO but having read more think clomid and novladex who be good to stack with the OXO.

  2. ...boing...boing...back up to the top baby...anybody...any sources for a uk brother. cheers markj

  3. ...not to worry ...ive found some sources.


  5. ...sweet man...i didnt have that one.... cheers mark j

  6. Where you located?

  7. in the some ideas for me then mr chemist? cheers markj

  8. In canada yes, not in the uk sorry. The banner up top sends international.

  9. Hugh is a good guy ......great service

    Lion Nutrition also ships international but won't be shipping There research line for a few weeks


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