Any Comments On Sus500 Or Masterdrol?

  1. Any Comments On Sus500 Or Masterdrol?

    Has Anyone Heard Of Sus500 Or Masterdrol ?

  2. if you're refering to legal gears' masterdrol - yes, i had THE WORST time with that crap... depresed lethargy, libido went down, far down, back pumps out the ass... stopped 10 days in and started my tam. - i was good after about 5-6 days - blood work showed it was a killer - i will NEVER touch anything from that company again!

    since then i've ran a PP cycle and a pulsed EPI - which i loved both

    bloodwork for both were great... the EPI pulse was the easiest on the body

    stay away from iLegal Gears supps. man

  3. Thanks Bro Is There Anything You Might Be Able To Recommend Im 5'5 197lbs I Went Thru A Cycle Of Oxodrol 12 About 4wks Ago But Im Trying To Find Something New!

  4. search the boards... look into epi - you might like it

  5. Thanks Is There Anything You Might Recommend Or What About The Sus500

  6. Recommend? just research EPISTANE

    i know nothing about SUS - but i think there's a log of someone using it, they had a bad time with it

    put a search in for SUS...


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