No sex drive

  1. No sex drive

    I was on a cycle of deca and test e but couldn't start pct until several weeks after last shot. And I don't trust the source of the clomid and nolv I was taking but don't know for sure they were fake.

    I am now back on the same thing and 5 weeks in and still my sex drive is dead. What should I do?

  2. Reps for helpful replies.

  3. wait so you are on cycle again? what are you taking right now? Id suggest getting some clomid and nolva and paravol or some sort on nattty test booster

  4. Please God tell me you didn't go back on another cycle? That might be one of the dumbest moves possible.

    As for getting libido back.

    Try getting a hold of some torem and start using that as you should recover quicker than with Nolva.

    Next time plan better, there should be no excuse to start PCT 5 weeks after your last shot.

  5. Powerfull is good stuff for the libido. Can also throw some Y-CHL in the mix too. Try getting some good ancillaries too if you have fake ones.

  6. all that stuff is easy to fing get moving otherwise your gonna get facked over big time

  7. I couldn't start pct at the right time cause I was in rehab.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Juicaholic View Post
    I couldn't start post cycle therapy at the right time cause I was in rehab.
    If you dont mind me asking....for what?

  9. Benzo's, muscle relaxers and I had just started taking nubain.

  10. well I think you will still benefit from all the stuff that was recomended


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