Stopping Cycle?

  1. Stopping Cycle?

    Hello everyone. I am having some second thoughts on my mega-H cycle, i'm not sure if i want to keep it going for a month. This is my second day, i took 2 25mg yesterday and 1 25mg so far today. I have several reasons (there are no serious problems) , but i just want to know if i could get off now without any pct since its been such a short ammount of time.

    thanks guys

  2. what are your reasons? i think if you stopped today you would be fine.

  3. Well theres a long story why i wanted to use PH's in the first place. I had shoulder surjery like 8 months ago and i wanted to get a boost once i could lift 100% again, which is now. Its a short term thing too. And im reconsidering if its worth it. Really jsut alot going on in my head, i think its the best decision to stop. Ive been thinking all day and ive been iffy about it, but then i went to workout and it was just awful...idk if it was my mind state or not. But besides that i was very weak prob one of the worst workouts ever and i had trouble running. My backs a little sore to, lower back..but i didnt work out back. kidneys probably. and my balls feel kinda wierd ha.. I know its not typical of a halo clone doing that second's very wierd..also my chest has tightened up a little it seems like. I can tell because i had areas of some fat on my chest and it feels dif now..i was happy about that. Sounds redic. i know. But anyways, after all this thinking, a terrible workout was enough for me to deff. want to put a end to it.

    p.s. I can't ****ing stand AI cycle support chocolate!

  4. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that those "side effects" are purely mental. If you're having second thoughts and they're already effecting you this bad, just get off. I imagine you'll really go crazy when you start to get real sides. 1 and a half days aint gonna mess anything up. Just to be on the safe side i would get on some natural test booster i.e trib or fenugreek. Also the last thing you want to do is steroids if you recently had a shoulder injury. They typically weaken joints and ligaments and make you more prone to reinjuring yourself.

  5. it's sounds too me like your instincts are telling you that you weren't 100% prepared for your cycle. I would listen to them.

    Also, I'd really have a hard time believing that halo caused any of your symptoms. I'm 2 weeks in and feel absolutely fantastic, even while stacking with formestane which usually wrecks my mood and makes my body feel a bit overwhelmed overall.

  6. Yes you can stop without pct pm day 2 of your cycle.


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