Muscle Cramps

  1. Angry Muscle Cramps

    Let me start off by saying that I am not on any steroids as of yet, but I am considering them.

    I often get muscle spasms where I can actually see my the muscle in my leg, arm, etc moving rapidly and I can't stand it. Aslo sometimes(occasionally) If I stretch my leg out after I wake up in the mourning or for no reason at all my calf will cramp up, I mean the muscle will move in to a ball in my calf and hurt like a bit*h untill it returns to position. I tried eating banannas for the potassium but it didn't work.

    Now getting to the question:

    What can I take to stop this from happenning and will the use of Sust and D-bol cause more crampping?

  2. Yes Dbol has been known to cause cramping especially in the lower back area

  3. How much caffeine do you consume? It makes it easier for electrons to cause muscle contraction (sorry this is glossing over alot but didn't feel like talking ) if you are taking in alot of caf it may cause such problems. Aside from that go see a doc, that is serious.

  4. Dude, I get the same thing in my calves once in awhile. About two weeks ago I woke up, and as I stretched my legs my right calf cramped up so bad I thought I was gonna die. I hobbled into the bathroom and stood on the cold tile floor till it went away (about a minute). My calf was sore for about 3 or 4 days after that. Then the other calf did the same thing. I think it's de-hydration. I sweat alot in my sleep and I always wake up really thirsty, so I'm sure I get dehydrated through-out the night. De-hydration can cause cramps. Potassium de-feciency could be the culprit as well though, as many body-builders can become defecient. Potatos are actually much higher in potassium than bananas, in fact, I believe a glass of orange juice has more potassium than a banana.

  5. Same thing happened to me last week and I was sore for three days.I will keep that in mind. I drink alot of OJ and I try to drink lots of water before I go to bed but I will drink more since I sweat alot too.

  6. could be your losing too much sodium. I use to wake up with calf cramps. try drinking powerade or some other sports drink
    also when your calf cramps try and pull your toes up or stand on your heels of your feet. that always helps me. later

  7. Originally posted by Matthew D
    Yes Dbol has been known to cause cramping especially in the lower back area
    It is typically more of a tightness due to straining and the increase of blood flow to the area. So it feels very tight in the lower back.

  8. Thanks size.. sometimes it is hard to tell the difference

  9. Originally posted by Matthew D
    Thanks size.. sometimes it is hard to tell the difference
    No doubt. But when you get a real muslce cramp in your lower back rather than just a great pump you will know the difference.

  10. I have had some really good muscle cramps in the lower back, that I know for sure.


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