Epi pulsed...help on dosage and duration of first cycle

  1. Epi pulsed...help on dosage and duration of first cycle

    Hi there, i will be running my first cycle in 8 days.


    weight: 215lb
    Height: 6.0 foot
    bf% - unsure, about 19%

    been training 'properly' for 4 years.

    I was thinking of three possible cycles.

    1: epi pulsed 4 days a week at 20mg - 5 weeks
    2: epi pulsed 3 days a week at 20mg - 6 weeks
    3: epi pulsed 3 days a week at 30mg - 5 weeks

    ATD or hyperdrol x2 will be taken on off days before bed

    PCT will consist of nolva + clomid + retain 2(low dose)

    so which cycle should i choose? (looking for the best gains:shutdown ratio)

    Any help appreciated

  2. also, when is the best time to take my t4(100mcg on cycle)?

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