Has anyone ran Masteron as a standalone?

  1. Question Has anyone ran Masteron as a standalone?

    I have read its not the best standalone but it is very similar to superdrol in its chemical make up. If I put on 12 ibs with drol couldn't I do the same with this? I also read it is one of the easiest things to keep gains from both size and strength wise. I don't think it will put on to much size but a little right?

  2. not i but a friend did.he had increased hardness from masteron. not to great by it self though. A Precontest drug.

  3. even though masteron is superdrol's parent compound, masteron will not put alot off mass on your frame by itself. However, stack the masteron with test and you will be very happy with the results.

  4. methlaytion of a compound produces different results.

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