THIS SUX, What would you guys do?

  1. THIS SUX, What would you guys do?

    Been on T-1 pro for about a wk now and I just broke my hand. There are still some exersizes I can do for upper body but nothing too hard-core like benching, shoulder presses and deadlifts exc. I ofcourse can still squat like a mofo every 5 days and rock my legs. But my upper body workouts are more cable **** that I can work out the muscle without hurting my hand. Im getting locked up in like 6 wks so saving 3 wks worth of T-1 for like 8 months isn't too realistic. Do you think I will still get decent results?

  2. Hey man i fI were going to prison I'd do whatever it took to get bigger before I went in. You can still do cable **** so do hardcore crossovers for chest there are cable exercises which parrallell every major exercise, normally Id say quit till you get better but in your case I say double the dosage and forge ahead cause it would suck to be the small guy on a prison floor.

  3. Use lifting hooks, straps, supports, anything to limit the pain. If it aint casted, get a cast before you go cause them things suck to get hit with, learned that from experience.
    Anything you do is only going to aggrevate it and cause it not not heal or not heal properly.
    Go deadly on squats, abs, calves, and never take your shirt off while away. Maybe that will keep the roaches away.
    Good luck and dont worry to much about prison. It aint what the movies make it to be.
    If your lucky youll get a dorm which is like college for criminals, your learn a few things in there.

  4. sounds like he knows more than I do.... :-)

  5. Magg,
    Was that a cheap shot?
    On my own defense , Im from Miami, Need I say more.

  6. absolutely not youre proabably like twice my size Im from cleveland worst thing here is the sports teams so..... nope I was merely telling him who to listen to

  7. Originally posted by maggmaster
    absolutely not youre proabably like twice my size Im from cleveland worst thing here is the sports teams so..... nope I was merely telling him who to listen to
    awwwwww, Cleveland?

    man.............thats it, ive had enough!!!!

    devoted Pittsburgh Steelers fan!!!!

    j/k bro!!

  8. Originally posted by Jergo
    devoted Pittsburgh Steelers fan!!!!
    I'm sorry to hear that

  9. Originally posted by jweave23

    I'm sorry to hear that

    Philli i presume?

    hehe, look out bro, were comin this year. just like we did last year and the year before that, and the year before that...................

  10. Guys I'm not going to prison, hopfully unless I fail bootcamp. Im going to a prison bootcamp for 120 days, plus probably a month or so before untill bootcamp starts. Anyways, If I were to stop the t-1 pro with the dsmo already added, how long would it be good for? I'm debating what to do cuz my hand hurts so my workouts are ****, I may try those hooks though? I think that T-1 might be killing my stamina at the gym too, cuz I didn't have the energy to do even half of my normal cardio workout today? I don't know Im just pissed about this whole situation, I wish I never hit that guy!

  11. GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!

  12. Influencer,
    I had to do the same thing a couple years ago except I didnt have the privilage of going home till sentencing. and I had 6 months bootcamp and 5 years probation after.
    You better hope to god that after they find out about your hand you still can go. Normally they do a physical and if for any reason you cant pass it your screwed. Otherwise its down the road you go. I would less worried about the T1 and more worried about taking care of real business before you go. Boot camp aint no joke. If its state or government sanctioned then dont expect it to be like sally jesse raphael or oprah made it look like. They hit you, work you to death and break you. They whole goal is to make you give up before going home. Kinda wenning out the weak ones. They broke 2 fingers before going to bed 1 night while doing an appearance check(shave, finger nail lengths, hair, etc.) and made me move a (attempt) to move a water puddle during a storm with a ****ing spork(spoon, fork thingy)because of a letter someone sent me. And ohh yeah, 2 phone calls in 6 months. 1 for 60secs. to say you have a visit and who can come and another for graduation and say who can come (60 secs as well). **** I can tell you some horrible stories if you want but Im sure Im not helping the situation. Put it like this 45 went in, 16 graduated and 11 had to do another 6 months for not making it through the first time. the rest went to prison because they gave up and said they couldnt take it. 45-27=how many that went to prison. and out of the 16 graduated Im 1 of only 2 that hasnt gone back to jail.
    That was 8 years ago, The **** worked for me (somewhat).
    Good luck bro and dont give up,

  13. wow thats hard core bro!!
    military sounds like cake to that. We only had it for 9 weeks.
    But honestly i think if he knows what coming he will be better prepared, with out a doubt.

    One tip for ya bro let the hand heel cause you'll need while your in there trust me.
    Sorry i got 2 tips for ya, start running cause i garentee youll be doing a whole lot of it bro.
    by the way what is your age?

  14. Originally posted by bicepts101
    GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!
    Sorry to jump in, but I'm a big football fan. GO NINERS, f*** the Raiders If our DB's can cover on third downs and Jeff Garcia & Terrell Owens stay healthy than I like our chances. Unfortunately with parity, the 49ers were a few plays away from being 13-3 or 8-8 last year, I hope we can get 13-3 because that may mean home field advantage

  15. db682, that sounds prety damb brutal. My lawyer said a couple of guys that went through it said it was a peice of cake compared to their military bootcamp so you must of went to a realy hardcore one. Anyways, im 22, I'll be alright Im just taking it easy with the hand and working legs hard, **** it, later...FLU

  16. yea bro, if u have a balls to the wall type of metality, then ull be alright. just dig in, bro.

    oh yea, i thing we need another forum for sports.

    for real though-----?

  17. There is something to be said for isometric training, training one side of the body can promote growth to the other side. Like doing one leg extensions. Just my 2 cents


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