nor 4ad + ?

  1. nor 4ad + ?

    how would 1t do with 4ad?. straight 4ad better? i have nor 4, 4ad, & 1t. i want to make a good transderm for say a 4 week cycle. maybe longer. i embarassingly lost most of the 20 lbs i gained on the 1t/4ad xderm i just did. seemed like the gains were just a ton of water. i screwed up & celebrated after 4 weeks of hard work. the lbs peeled off just like they came on. i know now that the post is just as important as the cycle itself.

  2. you lost all of 20 lbs? Waht was your net gain? What did you use post? Take off equal time as you were on and then try the same thing again this time being more careful post cycle. Give us details as to your stats and measurements.

  3. Run all three if you'd like, both 1-test and nor shut you down hard so you better have post cycle meds. Run it for 6-8 weeks, f'k this 4 week stuff
  4. thanx

    thanks guys for the input. i may try 5 gms of each. i wanted to see if the nor "felt"/behaved alot different from the 1t for instance. it made me somewaht stronger. no soreness, & i felt like a clinched fistall the time!it was pretty nice. however i really did experience the limp weary effects of the 1t i guess. at times very noticeable. i quit at roughly day 30 because i noticed my ankles were swollen to an extreme degree & people were starting to notice i was bloated at work! i need advice on the post meds. thanx again oh great ones
  5. bloating caused by dosing?

    i forgot to mention. in my ignorance i put 12 gms of 1test & 18 gms of 4ad in a single 8 oz bottle of avant ph gel! i later read that approx 15 was max in a bottle that size. so i cut it roughly a half with homebrew recipe. maybe i got some real rediculous doses toward the end of the cycle?

  6. 30g holly ****, did it even come close to dissolving? Run some femara or l-dex for bloat if your are worried about it.


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