Stopping SD and continuing with test, too soon?

  1. Stopping SD and continuing with test, too soon?

    Got a unique one here for you guys...

    Okay, started my current cycle of test-e @ 600mg/week and superdrol for weeks 1-3 @ 20mg/day.

    1st shot was this past Monday...doing shots every mon. and fri. Last cycle I ran was last september and was the exact same. I cannot for the life of me continue on with this SD crap. I can't take it anymore, the SD sides were NEVER this bad for me and I can't even eat anymore, blah!!!

    Anyways, today is thursday been on test-E now for 4 days, took my SD today but am not taking my second 10mg dose since I'm planning on ending it 2marrow...this is where my problem lies>>>>

    If I stop my SD, will my test levels plummet since the test-e was just started on Monday? I was trying to search around for that half-life calculator that used to float around on this board but was SOL. I figured if I HAVE TO, I can finish off the end of this week until next monday with just 10mg SD ED or EOD until my test kicks in, but if somebody happens to know what exactly my levels would be right now (going by half-lives) I would just stop the SD today as long as I had at least 100mg test in me..know what I mean??

    I probably confused the crap outa u guys

  2. half-life of enth is 7-10 days depending on the research taken. So I figure I'll probably be at about 150mg/week of test if the initial shot was 4 days ago @300mg/dose. Just pickin my own brain iguess. Im stopping the SD, ugh..

  3. I think you should be fine stopping the SD. Maybe add in some other oral like dbol for the 3-4 weeks.

  4. Where you taking the original or a clone? If clone what clone was it ?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Link24 View Post
    Where you taking the original or a clone? If clone what clone was it ?
    I had like 15 caps of AX's original left that I was gonna use up and then also purchased some Methyl DX3...didn't even get the chance to open the dx3 yet. wish I woulda bought some HD-50, been wanting to try that one out still since I hear users say that the gains are dry but sides are minimal.

  6. Yeah i had the same problem with superdrol. It just didnt agree with me, after using it for 2 and a half weeks i had the most insane back pumps. The backpumps didnt subside till the last week of post cycle. Not to sure if i will ever take it again

  7. Yeah the main thing for me was the nausea I feel. Couldn't eat sheeit!! Last dose was about 9am on Thursday and still kinda feel it today (sat). Can't eat, BP was raised, had massive headaches, etc...


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