First cycle and looking to run Test E and possibly ????

  1. First cycle and looking to run Test E and possibly ????

    I have seen most people say that for a first cycle, just run Test E 500mgs, for 10-12 weeks.. then maybe toss in nolva at 20 a day throughout to keep the estro down a bit.......
    does that sound right? or should i toss in something else if I am looking to put on size, but also lose BF% .. I will be continuing cardio and my diet will consist of 300-450g of protein a day and carbs will be sub 300g.
    I will be keeping the sodium down as much as i can to avoid the bloat.. i was thinkin of tossing the winny or primo in there, but i havent seen to many people agree with that. thanks for your help!!

    stats, 225, 6'0 25yo..........

  2. I wouldn't wast money on winny or primo. With proper diet you will be able to lean out and add muscle. I doubt you'll get bloated off 500mgs of test.

  3. Some people get bloat on TRT doses of 100mg/wk! You gotta remember each person is going to respond in completely different ways.

    If you are concerned w/ estradiol, get some anastrazole (a.k.a arimidex, liquidex) and use 0.5-1mg e2d or e3d. Save the Nolva for post cycle therapy.

    Free weights are my favorite for burning off calories and leaning out. It's even more fun then running on a damn treadmill, like a hamster!

  4. winny wont really lean you out it makes you look fuller when you are already lean. Id stick to test for your first time i think you will be happy about how much you lean out. I run adex with test e and it works out perfectly

  5. Keep it simple on the first run bro. As said above, you may develop water retention on just a small amount of test. For your first stick w/ test only and see how you react to it. Then go from there later w/ other compounds. If this is your first as you say, test only at 500mg/wk and a solid diet, you won't be disappointed.



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