Giveaway to one dedicated member!!

  1. Giveaway to one dedicated member!!

    Legalgear's product Powertrain has been out in a physical storefront for almost a year now, and is now being offered on the net. Based on feedback from various users, we believe that Powertrain can combat the lethargy associated with a 1-test cycle. In fact, we feel poertrain is ESSENTIAL to anyone doing a strong 1-test cycle.

    Based on a brainstorm by BDC, BDC Nutrition and Legalgear want to have ONE member chosen to try a BDC T1-final custom formulation, with Powertrain. BDC Nutrition will provide the T1-final, and Legalgear will provide the Powertrain. All we ask, is the voulenteers have used 1-T products before and have had issues with lethargy while on cycle. We are looking for objective feedback, and obviously that will be hard to come by if someone has not already previously run a 1-T cycle.

    If you are up to giving it a shot, post here!

  2. I have done a few cycles of T1-Pro and my main problem both times was the lethargy, and that's the only thing that was really stopping me from doing it agian. I had good results both times, but I work all day and it just was too hard to work all day while I could barely feel like moving, so if It's possible, I'd love to try it out to see if I can stop that lethargy and make it through my physical labor job. Thanks


  3. I did a t1-pro cycle and was drowsy all day. I wasn't that modivated to work out either. I'd like to see a product that could combat the 1-test lethargy.
  4. Method
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    Personally, I'd love to offer up my services for something like this. When I ran 1-T I remember just starting to feel floored around sunset: Once I forced myself to get up/out (I don't know where I'd have been without my Yerba Mate...) I could train like a beast, but only during the day; come night-time I just devolved into a friggin' zombie. I'm also a tremendously anal-retentive/compulsive athlete, so I'm a meticulous record-keeper, which might help you guys out on something like this.

    Anyways, that's my mini-pitch, and I'm really curious to hear how power-train works irregardless of who gets chosen, b/c damn-near everybody on this board is madd-qualified/deserving of something like this...ONe

  5. Im always Lazy, I like sleeping, cant get off the couch, and when I do I stub my toes on everything. Whats lethargy, and more importantly whats T-1?
    J/K guys, I had to get in on this one. Im not eligible for the cycle though. This is my first T1 cycle and I still got 6 more weeks to boot.
    Good luck to the winner though, and the suppliers.

  6. Any info on the winner, I keep checking to see if I'm the lucky one!
  7. well...

    Any info on the winner, I keep checking to see if I'm the lucky one!
    considering only three of us volunteered on this thread, I'd say you're prob. runnin' 1:3 odds...and hey, that ain't bad man

  8. I've used 1-t before and it really did make me sluggish. I combated it with 5aa and had good results with that. Now I would love to be able to combat the feeling without increasing my chances of hair loss. Although I don't really care if im bald, I just don't want that inbetween stage, lol. I injured my hip joint over a year ago and lost 12 lbs of muscle due to inactivity. I have been back in the gym hitting it good for a few months now. I have been waiting to do another 1-t cycle, I'm up for it if you are. Let's grow!


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