Help me decide on a new PH cycle

  1. Help me decide on a new PH cycle

    Hey everyone, I am just finishing up a PH cycle of Pheravol/11oxo. In about another 2-3 months or so, im going to run another PH cycle, but I am undecided on which to pick. I figured I would start purchasing my items now so when its time, i'll be all set. My goals are to gain mass but not gain much bloat, so im looking for a dry compound. My stats goes as follows.

    24yoa, 5'8-59 (give or take on a good day), 175lbs, training for over 6 years and I train about 5 days a week or so. My diet is always in check, it's pretty much clean all year round.

    I have been deciding on Superdrol or Clone, Havoc/Epistane/Clone, or a Halodrol clone. I believe all three are dry compounds which alot of people have had success with.

    My side effects with Pheravol weren't bad at all, some acne here and there, a back pump once at the beginning of the cycle, my BP hasn't been bad (been pumped 24-7) and no shutdown. I am about to start my Post Cycle with Fareston/6oxo extreme/reduce xt. I took cycle support throughout the whole cycle along with my staples (multi, fish oil, glucosamine, etc).

    I am not sure how my body will react with any of the above mentioned supps that I am deciding from unless I try it. I know that when I took something that suppresses my estrogen (jungle warfare) I got some shutdown, and dry joints. But I actually gained 9lbs out of a 8 week cycle which wasn't bad for a Non-PH.

    SO!.......what's everyones input? I appreciate the replies.

  2. I saw some people on other forums running an epi/havoc compound with iforce bold. The cycles were around 6 weeks to maximize Bold's effectiveness. So i suggest either starting the 1st two weeks with just Bold, or running the the epi/havoc at a lower dose at the time. I think the bold was run at 600mg throughout, or at least at a minimum, which means two bottles at least. The epi/havoc should keep you dry.

  3. Thanks for the response, I was sorta thinking it.

  4. can't go wrong with epi -

  5. Im with Gtrain, epi with Bold.



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