gyno problem

  1. gyno problem

    ok iv been experiencing gyno but i wasnt sure at first...iv waited and its been about a week and its getting going to order some clomid today and hopefully it will come there anythign that i should take to get rid of this? how long does it usually take and wheres the best site? thanks

  2. Better get novladex instead of clomid....

  3. Hate to say it, but you should have ordered it before starting any cycle. Its probably the smartest $50 youll spend. If your like most of us then youll be waiting about a week to get any nolva or clomid.
    good luck bro,

  4. 40-60mg Nolva for week 1, then assess and slowly taper down
  5. Method
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    in the meantime-- hit as much flax as you possibly can (the actual [ground] seeds, not the oil). Flax lignans (and also brocolli to a minor extent--see kids, mom was right when she said to eat your f'in veggies... ) are estrogen-supressors when ingested in high amounts. Score some flax seeds from a health-food store (they're wicked-cheap), grind, and start dropping a 2 or 3 tablespoons a day. It won't give you a cure, but it'll definately help as far as 'damage control,' and might even bring the puffiness down somewhat...

  6. And they taste like **** too.


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